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A college close to nature

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A college close to nature

Bhoomi College has brought together individuals and communities through its Fellowship programmes, weekend programmes, conferences and workshops to learn, share and engage, aiming at ecological living on our planet.

The focus of all the courses offered is on participative learning that is deep, holistic and practical. Our programmes attempt to make learning engaging and enjoyable through hands-on work, group discussions, reflection and field trips. The well-designed curriculum and Interactions with inspiring thinkers and doers help make the courses meaningful and often transformative.

Seetha Ananthasivan graduated from IIM-Ahmedabad but decided she didn’t want to pursue management and wanted to learn about nature and educate people about it instead. This led her to establish Bhoomi College, on the outskirts of Bangalore. The campus has more than 100 species of trees and encourages people to live and work as a community. The college believes that nature is the primary teacher, and the courses here reflect that. It can’t have been easy for Seetha to pursue this way of life, especially in the 70s, but she seems to be doing a stellar job.

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